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Good E-Reader reported a few days ago that Amazon is in talks with various delivery firms and that it is about to launch the Kindle in Sweden.  Good E-Reader comments:

Amazon launching in Sweden will be a boon for the local publishing industry and give them a wider reach to sell audiobooks, ebooks and print.  There are a number of digital bookstores in Sweden such as Adlibri  who launched its own e-reader Letto in 2010. Elib and Kobo also have a strong presence, in addition to Storytel and Axiell Media, who distributes over 20,000 titles from 650 publishers to about 300 libraries in Sweden and Finland. It is very likely that Amazon will quickly take over the market because they will have a strong name and be able to quickly attract all of the top publishers to sell digital and print content.

This does not exactly correspond to our own findings, reported in Books on Screens, which suggested that existing digital bookstores believed that they had a strong enough position in the market to withstand any intervention by Amazon.

PostNord‘s communications director commented to a local source (Breakit):

“De har kontaktat oss och vi har pratat om leveranserna, men de har inte avslöjat när de kommer till Sverige. Vi har ju redan tidigare sagt att vi tror att de kommer under 2018 och jag är fortsatt rätt säker på att det blir så.”

[They have contacted us and we have talked about deliveries, but they have not revealed when they will come to Sweden. We have already said that we think that they will come in 2018 and I am still pretty sure it will be.]

A related news story in Breakit is that Amazon had to pay 6 million kroner for the domain name Amazon.se, which was owned by a one-woman advertising company, Amazon AB.