Last week we all went off to Torrevieja (which has so many Swedish inhabitants it might be called “little Sweden”!) to work collaboratively on the monograph we have promised the Ventskapsrådet at the end of the project. Such a “writing week” is, apparently, a fairly normal practice among academics in Sweden – and possibly elsewhere for all I know.

We worked collaboratively on the overall structure of the book and the individual chapters, pulled together papers and reports we’d already written and wrote new material on a variety of topics. Anyone who has looked at the publications list in the previous post will realise that the availability of such a body of work makes the writing of a book, if not easy, then at least a less-fraught enterprise.

On Thursday we went to Murcia – about an hour away from Torrevieja – to give a presentation on the project. As an honorary PhD of the University of Murcia, I was very honoured that the event was billed as the first in a “Meet our honorary doctors” series. The event was chaired by the Vice-Rector for Communication and Culture, Mónica Galdana Pérez Morales, and the Rector, Professor Jose Orihuela Calatayud, joined us for an excellent lunch at a nearby 18th century palacio, the Torre de Zoco, the picture below (by Lars Höglund) shows the happy post-lunch faces.