The papers from the “Pula conference” held last in Pula, Croatia, on 8-9 December, are now available in the online, open access journal, Libellariunm. Here’s a list of the contents:

E-books: the publishers’ dilemma
T.D. Wilson
Book selling and e-books in Sweden
Elena Maceviciute, Birgitta Wallin, Kersti Nilsson
E-book aggregators: new services in electronic publishing
Tomislav Jakopec
Is self-publishing a salvation for authors? The case of Lithuanian printed bestseller in the digital environment
Arūnas Gudinavičius
Self-publishing of Lithuanian cultural periodicals in Soviet and contemporary times
Asta Urbanaviciute
Long-term accessibility of e-books: challenges, obstacles, responsibilities
Maja Krtalić, Damir Hasenay
“Freemium” business models in publishing. New packaging for the needs of readers in the digital age
Ivona Despot, Ivana Ljevak Lebeda, Nives Tomašević
Publishing Croatian scientific journals: to e- or not to e-?
Ivana Hebrang Grgić
Third level publishing studies: Lithuania, a case study
Aušra Navickienė
Three Rs in publishing education
Ewa Jabłońska-Stefanowicz
What comes first? Publishing business or publishing studies?
Josipa Selthofer
Publishing studies: the search for an elusive academic object
Sophie Noël
Publishing studies: being part of a cultural practice plus x ?
Christoph Bläsi
Publishing studies: what else?
Bertrand Legendre