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Within the next few days, 3,400 people in Sweden will receive the national SOM survey including questions about e-book reading and a comparison between e-book and print book functions.

The SOM survey (Society, Opinion and Media) is an annual, representative survey to people in Sweden between the ages of 16 and 85 years conducted since 1986. Since 2012, the E-book project has posed questions about e-book reading, fiction and non-fiction, and attitudes towards e-books. In the 2014 survey, put in the field on September 24th, this question is accompanied by a question about functions of e-books and printed books. The aim has been to replicate a question from the Pew Internet surveys presented in the report The rise of e-reading:

Which is better for these purposes, a printed book or an e-book? Reading with a child, Sharing books with other people, Reading books in bed, Having a wide selection of books to choose from, Reading books while traveling or commuting, Being able to get a book quickly.

The results will be made available to the E-book Research Group by the end of February and presented in the annual SOM publication in June 2015.

In the 2013 survey, attitudes were measured by the following issues:
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An initial analysis written by Annika Bergström and Lars Höglund is available in Swedish on the SOM Institute Web page.