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It is a while since we had anything specifically on the eBooks in Sweden research project, so here’s an update. We have now completed the survey of publishers in Sweden, and colleagues in Croatia and Lithauania have replicated the investigation there, so we now have some comparable data from other ‘small language market’ countries. The survey of booksellers in Sweden has also been completed, and interviews with authors are in progress – we hope to have completed these by the end of Autumn. Next year will see us exploring higher education and the impact of the e-book in the Swedish school system, and we shall have to begin preparation of the monograph on the research which we promised Vetenskapsrådet to deliver.

The three-country publisher survey revealed an interesting uniformity of opinion among publishers in the three countries: we don’t yet have a paper on this, but we’ll have a presentation at the 2nd International Conference on Publishing Trends and Contexts in Pula, Croatia, in December. As a small illustration of the data, below is a table showing the opinions of publishers in the three countries on relationships with public libraries:

Screen Shot 09-19-14 at 03.21 PM

The yellow shading shows that publishers in the three countries respond in a very similar way to the issues presented.

We’ll have more on this when the presentation for the Pula conference is ready. If anyone from a ‘small language market’ would be interested in using the questionnaire in their own country, please get in touch with me at tom.wilson@hb.se

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