Last month I created a Flipboard “magazine” on the subject of e-books: it now contains more than 130 articles, culled from Flipboard news items.  It would contain more, if the bookmarklet created by Flipboard to enable one to “flip” other news items into the magazine actually worked.  At the moment, it doesn’t, so I’m restricted to what Flipboard makes available.

This is a rather better solution to following news on e-books compared with using a Google Alert on the subject: the latter covers masses of local American newspapers and most of the items relate to e-books being loaned by the local public library, or courses being offered on how to download.  Flipboard covers rather more useful sources and I can choose which news items to incorporate into News on e-books.

If you don’t use Flipboard you can download it freely from the Apple App Store.

If you use Flipboard, you can find the magazine simply by putting “News on e-books” into the search box and a link to it should appear below the search box.

Rather amazingly, the magazine now has 1,573 readers, and there have been 35,937 “page flips” as at 17:00 on 6th May. Clearly, a lot of people are interested in this subject!  [Update: on Monday 13 May it has 2,064 readers.]