We hadn’t intended to re-post blog entries here, but I think that this one is sufficiently interesting to make an exception.  The Bookseller, the main trade magazine for book selling and publishing in the UK has a “Future book” blog – you’ll find a link on this page – and in his piece, the author says:

“In the preparation stage for my panel, I found that the speakers were broadly in agreement: the industry still needed to grasp that digital is not containable, will not do as it is told, but has to be understood as a new basis (call it a platform, call it a substrate, it doesn’t matter) for what we do. It’s less a question of how we can control digital but how we have to change in order to be effective in an environment defined by it. The arbitrary separation of digital and (commissioning) editorial makes no sense.”

So, some people in the publishing industry “get it”!